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Post by Mod Sling on Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:19 am

As an incentive to encourage members to create guides in our early stages of the server, I've decided to implement a rewards system.

Any member whom posts Three (3) Guides in this section that meet the criteria of:

  • Detail and Resourcefulness
  • Readability (Proper English and Grammar)
  • Images
  • Overall Helpfulness of the Guide

Will receive the rank of Server Support, with an in-game rank as a Helper.

Guides We Need FQrP8TA

Some suggested guides we could use:

  • Money-making guides
  • Combat-related guides to Monsters/Locations
  • Skilling guides (Gathering items, teleports, actions)
  • Boss-specific guides (Zulrah, Inferno, Scorpia, Vet'ion, etc.)

Thank you in advance to all those who post the guides that will ultimately be the foundation for most new users on GoonScape!
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