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Post by crib on Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:03 pm

Guide for new players

Server guide 105wa9v
this is ::bonekey you get bone keys from mammoths or ents and use them on the bone crane to get 150k prayer exp per key, also the prayer altar is here.

 Easy prayer boys Razz

Rfd minigame
Server guide 209j7ut 

You guys walk in portal and kill all the monsters inside. Most the monsters are easy until you guys get to this
Server guide 33vf2g1 

You have to use mage range and melee

 brown use Earth spells

 blue use water spells

 red use fire spells

 white air spells

orange melee him

green range him

then rest are easyyyy.

Training area
Server guide Aorqs2

this is the training areaa, you can get bone keys , master lamps normal lamps, and magic logs from here. Its also
and afk spot to train.

Normal xp lamp:

Antique xp lamp:

Server guide 29xx2sk

Server guide 29xx2sk

These monsters easily have the best drops ingame! only downside is that they have 10k hp!!!!

here's drop list

Server guide Hu0z6u
Server guide 6y07l4
Server guide Ivcs9x

Server guide 28vxhxx

Nice shopping area Cool

sell your pvm items to this guy
Server guide 21nlb38

Server guide 21me0bq

Server guide 35lfgd2

This bad boy drops pk point tickets claws and a box
pk point shop

Server guide 13z8sib

trade this guy at edge
Server guide 5uija8

Spellbook switching at edgeville

Server guide 2ur8g39

I hope this guide is helpful to all. seeya ingame! santa

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Post by Royalty on Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:24 pm

Nice guide mate Smile


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