Prozzaks server suggestions - Small list

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Prozzaks server suggestions -  Small list Empty Prozzaks server suggestions - Small list

Post by Prozzak on Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:35 pm

Server suggestions That I would find useful for in-game play.

Drop rate increase for Extreme accounts. [ Not a massive ammount obviously but enough to make it worth it ]

A trip 2 teleport where drop rates for items are harder to get with some more monster as trip 1 gets busy. ( I don't recommend making more trip 1 npcs )

Custom OP items are not able to be brought into the wilderness.

Wild teleports have a message with a toggle message to let players know they are teleing there. Otherwise put it on the telepursuit.

Steadfast boots, Glaivens, Ragefires introduced into the game.

Antique lamps, Regluar lamps and master lamps give less exp to Extreme mode to prevent the game mode being a pay to win mode.

Onyx is not buyable in tzhaar store but instead a drop from killing tzhaar monsters. (With a low drop rate so it has value)

Mammoths have some pretty decent drops. I would like to see 5k hp on it just so it's a actual grind for the drops.

Youtuber rank icon being the youtube icon ingame.

seperate tier donator zones with different perks.

Added Extreme mode to Highscores.

Pet drop rates increased as they are fairly low.

Now these are all optional obviously not expecting all of it to be considered but there are some really good points listed here.
I will be making more posts as my game time play continues. Thank you for reading.

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Prozzaks server suggestions -  Small list Empty Re: Prozzaks server suggestions - Small list

Post by Pro on Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:42 am

Agree'd with some of them.
For the youtuber rank icon, it's there already. Start making vids and you'll earn it!
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