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Staying Connected

Essentially, the server gained a handful of active Beta Testers who have been helping support the server with their donations to really enable us to grow at a rate, development-wise, faster than I had anticipated. With that being said, here are some of the current updates that has already occurred, which will be followed by a list of updates and changes to expect. Thank you all for your activity, your support & your donations - your contribution has been noted and you all have played a vital part in giving this server the opportunity to compete with other top-contending launches. It's my goal to be as transparent as possible with you guys and I hope you enjoy everything to come!

Current Updates

  • VPS has been purchased for three-months. If we can secure enough money in our server's bank account by the end of this three-month period, I will be looking to purchase VPS hosting for the next year.
  • WebHosting has been purchased, package allows us to have some really premium memory allocated for our Forums and other mods.
  • Domain has been purchased - HOWEVER, I am considering buying a different domain and renaming the server. More information on that below.
  • New source has been acquired, a Hyperion-base. We are no longer using this unstable OS-V base. I plan on working alongside a developer through contracts to develop the new source, but it has been discussed that he may come on-board as a partner at some point down the road.
  • New forums are finished! We're working on adding a few more mods that will really add some unique and cool features, but overall, you can expect to have access to the new forums after the decision is made on whether or not to rename the server - in which case we'll have to purchase a new domain.

Future Updates

  • Contracting a developer to build a custom client launcher for the server. Would ultimately allow all server, client and cache updates done on our end to be automatically downloaded on yours, so as new content is added & patches occur, you don't have to worry about re-downloading the client!
  • Looking to purchase a custom Voting, Webstore & HiScores script by a highly-reputable website developer. This will most likely occur at some point next week.
  • Have been in discussions with RSPS YouTubers. Looking to have a Promotional Video created for the server to entice new members!
  • Having a professional GFX artist create an animated banner for our advertisements on TopLists, as well as a new logo + User Support signatures, that you can use to show your support on other RSPS forums!
  • The new server is being developed as quickly as possible, but it is highly emphasized that we are not rushing anything. Everything is being done meticulously and double-checked to ensure it is 100% before moving onto the next task, to ensure players will not sign onto a new source that has issues!

Where does this leave Beta Testers?

Beta Testers are the crucial in the development of this new project we are now embarking on! Be bold and confident in your gameplay, with these personal guarantees:

  • After creating your account on the new source, ALL stats will be transferred over, allowing Beta Testers to start-off right where they were!
  • The majority, but NOT ALL items will be transferred over on your wealth. This is to ensure that all players get the majority of their items, all being valuable, and other items deemed less-valuable will not be a concern of ours. We are only looking out for players who have accumulated some rare and better-geared items, we can't be asked to transfer 3,000 feathers into your bank account, no matter how attached you may be to said feathers.
  • With the above bulletin, please note that CUSTOM ITEMS that have been donated for MAY NOT ALL be in the new source! As of right now, none of the current customs in this source exists in the new source. Players will receive these items, or their equal, when introduced in the new server - they may also choose to exchange it for other items, at a discounted rate, if the item does not make it to the new source.
  • Donators who have donated for Mystery Boxes will not receive the mystery boxes again on the new source, but instead will receive only the contents of the mystery boxes themselves.
  • Alternative accounts will not be transferred into the new source. We are sorry if this inconveniences you, but we cannot spend our time with your second or third accounts that are essentially just placeholders. YOU MAY TRANSFER YOUR ITEMS FROM YOUR ALTERNATIVE ACCOUNTS ONTO YOUR MAIN IF YOU WANT TO LIQUEFY AND ORGANIZE YOUR WEALTH ONTO ONE ACCOUNT TO ENSURE YOU KEEP THE MOST MONEY AS POSSIBLE!
  • Any players who find difficulty during this transition always have access to PM me on Discord, Sling#3238 - or contact us on our Discord by clicking [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Our New Server Name

After much consideration, I've decided that with my involvement becoming more and more dedicated and the potential of the server increasing, it's time to revise our name. After giving it much thought, I've decided to go with a name that is not only easy-to-remember and unique, but one that is truly representative in what our server is. Without further adieu, our new server name is:
When our new forum is officially launched, it will contain that beautiful name.


If anybody has any questions or concerns of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on Discord @ Sling#3238 - or join our Discord channel and reach me there by clicking [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. More information will be provided on our new forum when it is revealed and I'm looking forward to seeing you all there!
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